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We wield the tools of data visualization and predictive analytics to translate your business requirements into powerful analytics solutions — solutions that deliver clear insights that can truly transform the future of your business.


Our Services


Blackstone Software provides end-to-end Business Intelligence development services from visualization of key business processes to prototype design to final development and roll-out.

Our Services
Our Process

We don’t hide in a cubicle, crafting and coding until we present our clients with a finished product. Our agile methodology an iterative rapid-prototyping method   keeps our clients in the loop every step of the way.

Our Solutions

We build cost-effective, industrial strength analytics solutions for business users,
solutions that are adopted with ease and enthusiasm by end users of the organization.

Clifford Alper
President and Director of Business Analytics Services
Cliff Alper

With his rare combination of business insight, technical expertise, and creativity, Cliff leads a multinational team of business intelligence and data visualization experts to provide nimble, cost effective analytics solutions that drive high engagement across organizations.  His philosophy of business intelligence is that BI developers must be bilingual, speaking the languages of both business and technology, so that every analytics solution is firmly grounded on the foundation of a thorough understanding of the business use case, and that the resulting solution should be intuitive, contextual, and powerful. 

Gino Terrigno
BI Solution Architect
Gino Terrigno

An accomplished industry veteran, Gino brings to Blackstone Software extensive experience in the Information Technology and Software Engineering industries, including delivering SAP Enterprise Business Intelligence Solutions in multiple vertical markets. He is an expert trainer and speaker, preaching best practices in the field of Business Analytics.

Shafeeq Rahiman
Senior Analytics Consultant

Shafeeq is a data science and AI enthusiast with a background in business intelligence, data visualization, data warehousing, executive reporting, programming and all things problem solving. As a data visualization evangelist he builds data warehouses, establishes ETL processes and automation, and builds bespoke C-level dashboards all aimed to assist organizations in establishing data strategy. Shafeeq is an expert in multiple technologies including Python, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, and Alteryx.

Jeremy Alper
Data Analytics Architect

Jeremy Alper – the next generation of Blackstone’s analytics experts – is our top gun for building data marts, SQL development, Qlik, Tableau, and Power BI. Even before graduating from Trinity College, Jeremy found his forte designing Business Intelligence solutions to support big data, engineering E-level Business Intelligence solutions for a wide range of businesses. He has presented webinars in Advanced Visualization Techniques and Executive Dashboard Design for industry professionals.

Travis Payne
Senior Analytics Consultant

After studying engineering at Trinity College, Travis employed his expertise in Business Intelligence, SQL Development, Qlik, and Microsoft Power BI as a Senior BI Analyst at Method360, Cloudsufi, and MedAmerica, a healthcare practice management organization, and a Tableau Analyst at the Levi Strauss. Travis has led seminars on Data Management, Modeling, and Application Development on SAP HANA for professional audiences at SAP Insider events. 

Our Team


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Blackstone Software provides business intelligence and analytics strategy consulting services as a business partner to Analysis Factory, LLC.

"Insights and expert guidance on our integrated BI solutions provided value beyond expectation."

Joe Szabo
Senior BI Developer at Taylor Made Consulting